Who We Serve

Hotels, Resorts & Office Complexes

Food Concierge

A custom branded web-app with a list of neighboring eateries where your guests can order takeout or delivery. Curate your list of restaurants and offer a local culinary experience to your guests while earning commission revenue.

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Restaurants, Bars, Food Halls & Ghost Kitchens

Mobile Ordering

A custom branded food ordering web-app with unlimited portals, so you can partner with neighboring businesses and offer them a dedicated co-brand ordering portal with QR codes. Each portal supports unique menu, operation hours, promo codes and more.

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TorchFi integrates with Point of Sales, Payment Gateways, Loyalty Programs, Maps and Delivery Services

Integrations with other technology providers is a key feature of TorchFi's platform that ensures operational efficiency for every format of eatery. Select any of the technology providers to learn more about the integrated features.

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