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Tableside Ordering at Joe’s Corner with Square POS

Joe’s Corner is a century-old restaurant and craft beer pub situated in the historic downtown of Niles, Fremont. This popular establishment is known for its delicious sandwiches, pizzas, and eclectic collection of local craft beer. Customers can enjoy the hustle and bustle of downtown while sipping chilled beer or wine and taking in the views from the outdoor patio. Recently, the restaurant implemented our QR Code based tableside ordering solution that has revolutionized its operations and enhanced the customer experience.

Joe's Corner Tableside Ordering

With QR code ordering, customers no longer have to wait in line at the counter to place their order. They can scan a QR code on their table with their smartphones, which directs them to an online menu where they can place their orders and pay for their meal. Integration of the QR code ordering system with the restaurant’s Square point of sale (PoS) system has been a significant advantage. Orders placed through the QR code system are sent straight to the kitchen station printers, reducing the risk of order errors that can occur during manual order-taking.

On the cost side, the implementation of QR code ordering has been beneficial for the restaurant. It has reduced the need for counter staff to take orders and process payments, resulting in a reduction in labor costs. This has allowed the restaurant to reallocate resources to other areas of the business, such as kitchen operations and bussing tables. QR code ordering has improved the customer experience, reduced costs, and helped the restaurant maintain its reputation for quality food and friendly service while remaining competitive in a challenging market.

Here is what Joe’s Corner had to say about TorchFi’s QR code ordering solution on Square’s app market place.

After evaluating a dozen different QRcode-enabled menu apps that would work seamlessly with Square where we wouldn’t be required to maintain a dozen different menus for beer/food, for online/POS/3rd-party, we finally found Torch Fi. It’s working out wonderfully for us where we just import the menu from Square and then it becomes an awesome customer-facing menu with the flexibility to make the edits we wish to and yet tethered to the Square POS menu.