Key Features

TorchFi offers a web dashboard and table application for the merchants to manage their portal and orders from anywhere.

Customize to Your Brand

  • Change colors to your brand and vision
  • Add your brand logo
  • Select font to your preference
  • Change template text messages

Map Your Locations

  • Map all your locations on Google Maps
  • Search for closest location
  • Select location on map

Menu Importer & Editor

  • Import PoS menu into TorchFi
  • Edit Items and Categories to match your printed menu
  • Add pictures to items
  • Make modifiers optional or mandatory
  • Schedule happy hours and daily specials

Orders & Analytics

  • Manage active orders and update status to notify customers
  • In case of delays notify customer of change in delivery time
  • Sales reports shows breakup of source like online, google maps, facebook, tableside, etc.
  • Itemized sales report, top customer leader board and promo code reports

Feature Videos