Here we are.

Our Story

We launched TorchFi in 2016 with the idea to bridge the gap between online and offline consumer experience. We built a patent pending technology to enable digital engagement with consumers at brick and mortar venues, through the wifi network. This lead to our first product – Wifi Waiter. Since then we have been working closely with the hospitality industry to build cutting edge technology solutions to critical business problems.

When the restaurant industry got impacted in 2020 due to the pandemic, TorchFi rapidly pivoted to meet the new needs of their existing restaurant partners. This has lead to our new services and our business model. Our primary goal is to support small and medium size restaurants to take direct orders from their customers while improving staff and customer experience.

We Are Backed By

Alchemist Accelerator

Alchemist Accelerator is a leading startup accelerator program based in Silicon Valley. TorchFi was part of their 18th Batch. They were also our first external investor. You can check out our demo day pitch here.

Cisco LaunchPad

TorchFi was part of the first cohort of Cisco LaunchPad in 2016. We built integrations with Cisco's networking technology, to monetize public wifi network at brick and mortar businesses.




Increasing Direct Orders for Restaurants

Increasing Direct Orders for Restaurants: A Strategic Guide to Minimize Third-Party Delivery Dependence

Restaurants face a dual challenge: harnessing the convenience of third-party delivery services while retaining control and building direct customer relationships. This blog post outlines a…

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self ordering menu for clover

Convert Clover Catalog to Self-Ordering Food Menu in 5 Steps

Self ordering food menu is rapidly growing in the restaurant industry. Converting your Clover PoS Catalog into a user friendly self ordering menu is extremely easy with TorchFi.

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TorchFi MicroSale Online Ordering

Powerful Online Ordering for MicroSale

TorchFi has recently launched its latest integration with MicroSale Point of Sale (PoS) systems. The integration supports auto print of tickets, easy menu management, gratuity distribution and…

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Joe's Corner Tableside Ordering

Tableside Ordering at Joe’s Corner with Square POS

Joe's Corner implemented TorchFi's QR Code based tableside ordering solution that seamlessly integrates with their Square PoS

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QR code tableside ordering

5 Reasons to Offer QR Code Tableside Ordering

Almost every eatery offers QR code menu, however the users are only able to browse the menu from their phones while they place order in person at the counter or to the waiter at table side. This…

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Boosting revenue with qr code ordering

Boosting Revenue and Efficiency at Restaurants | Clover PoS & QR Code Ordering

QR code ordering has emerged as a game-changer, providing a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional waiter service and kiosk based ordering solutions.

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Online Ordering @ Green Market Cafe

Green Market Cafe is a Tampa, FL based fast casual restaurant. They partnered with TorchFi for the first time in 2017 to offer a table-side ordering solution at their counter service format…

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