Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

TorchFi doesn’t charge any monthly subscription fee for the service. The service is entirely free for the restaurant.

TorchFi is payment processing agnostic. We suppose deep integration with point of sales systems that also process the payment like Square and Clover.

If you would like to use our service without any PoS integraiton, then you can use to process payment for orders on TorchFi.  Most merchant service providers support and would be able to provide you with your merchant account credentials to configure payment processing.

If you don’t have any existing online payment processing service provider, then we recommend you register your business with Stripe and start accepting payment through them.

TorchFi’s on boarding team will help you setup the credentials and configure your portal for secured payment processing.

The online ordering service fee is charge to the customer on each order and then automatically deducted through the payment gateway for merchants using Square and Stripe.

For other payment gateways, the amount is included in the revenue for the merchant and TorchFi sends a invoice for this amount periodically.

We integrate with DoorDash and UberEats to support delivery service. The delivery fee can be passed on to the customer or covered by the business.

You can also manage your own delivery operations and take orders for delivery through TorchFi. We provide easy configuration of delivery range, fee and support integration with Google Maps.

The registration to our platform is free. You can register by following the “Sign up your restaurant” link on our home page and providing your restaurant information. Provide your resturant’s name, menu, logo image and our onboarding team will build your portal and get in touch with you to complete the setup.