Why QR Code Order?

QR code menu is being offered by almost every eatery, however the user experience is limited to just seeing the menu on the phone and then ordering in person. This limits the digital engagement with the customer while customers prefer to engage further.

Some restaurants have started using the QR code technology to offer self ordering service to their customers and this has significantly improved experience for the customers and also for the operators to manage operations. Here are 5 top benefits of using QR code ordering.

Increase Revenue

Most restaurants see an increase in the average ticket size by upto 20% when they offer self ordering. This is easy to validate by just comparing the ticket size between online orders and in-store orders. In-store QR code ordering combined with a digital menu with pictures and descriptions is guaranteed to increase sales.

Time and Cost Savings

QR code ordering can streamline the ordering process, minimize errors and speed up the overall dining experience. It also eliminates the cost associated with printing and maintaining physical menus.

Operate with Limited Staff

Every restaurant operator has experience the situation of operating with low staff or struggling to maintain service standard. Offering table-side QR code ordering would let you operate with very limited wait staff and focus more on the operations in the kitchen.

Increase Loyalty

If you offer a loyalty program, QR code ordering can significantly increase subscription to the program and hence bring back customers more often. Even if you don’t offer loyalty, some QR code ordering systems can identify your loyal customers and offer a personalized ordering experience hence increasing repeat visits to your location.

Superior Hygiene Standard

Contactless ordering is preferred by most customers since the pandemic. QR code ordering allows customers to use their own devices to place an order instead of using a kiosk or a physical menu hence ensuring a safer ordering and dining experience.

Overall QR ordering offers several benefits to all formats of eateries, especially fast casual and fine dine. The operational efficiency improvements are significant when the ordering system integrates with your Point-of-Sale (PoS). TorchFi offers an integrated ordering solution with some of the leading PoS systems in USA. Here are links to our apps on Square and Clover app market places.

TorchFi’s app is available on the App Marketplace of these leading Point of Sale systems.

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