Increasing Direct Orders for Restaurants

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Increasing Direct Orders for Restaurants: A Strategic Guide to Minimize Third-Party Delivery Dependence

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, restaurants are presented with a multitude of avenues to connect with patrons and fulfill orders. While third-party delivery platforms have revolutionized convenience, they often come at a cost – both in terms of financial implications and relinquishing control over the customer journey. This blog post delves into actionable strategies that eateries can employ to amplify direct orders while reducing their reliance on third-party service providers.

Optimize Your Online Presence

Your restaurant’s website is your digital storefront. Ensure it’s user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to navigate. A well-organized menu, high-quality images of dishes, and a straightforward ordering process will encourage customers to place direct orders.

Streamlined Ordering Experience

Simplicity is key. A hassle-free online ordering process ensures customers can effortlessly navigate from menu selection to payment. Easy menu navigation with limited set of modifiers and support for comments to customize the items are key features. Add detailed descriptions and pictures to menu items.

Disable Third-party Ordering On Google

Manage your Google’s business profile and ensure that the restaurant website and menu links are correctly updated. Then disable the online food ordering service to ensure all traffic from Google Maps lead to your website, instead of third party delivery services.

Request Reviews With QR Code

Create a QR code of your Google and Yelp pages and include it with every order receipt for dinein and takeout customers. Positive reviews with your menu details will improve your listing on local search results.

Tell Your Brand Story

Share the narrative behind your restaurant – its origins, culinary philosophy, and uniqueness. An engaging brand story fosters a connection that resonates with customers, encouraging them to choose your establishment over impersonal third-party services.

Exclusive Incentives for Direct Orders

In every order package from third party service providers, include a offer/ promo code for direct orders. Special discounts, loyalty programs, or bundled deals can motivate patrons to order directly from your restaurant.

Offer Delivery Through Third Party Integration

With TorchFi’s online ordering solution, you can take direct orders for delivery without having your own delivery staff. This integration will save you on third party commission while customers will still be able to choose for delivery. Click here to lean more.


Increasing Direct Orders for Restaurants: Conclusion

While third-party delivery services offer convenience, cultivating a strong foundation for direct orders is integral to a restaurant’s long-term success. By focusing on refining your online presence, offering exclusive incentives, ensuring a seamless ordering process, and engaging customers through multiple channels, you can gradually reduce reliance on third-party platforms. The result? A devoted customer base that values the distinct experience your restaurant provides, leading to increased direct orders and sustained growth.