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Use Cases of our Multi-Channel Food Ordering Solution

Restaurants, hotels or recreation establishments that classify in any of the below categories or beyond, tap into our holistic food online ordering system that integrates with your favorite PoS, Payment service provider and third party delivery services. You can save on commission and also manage the labor shortage while delivering excellent guest experience. Payment service providers and PoS resellers can bundle our platform with their services to offer an end-to-end solution.

Fast Casual & Quick Service Restaurants

Restaurants can offer a unified ordering experience both to their online customers and on-premise customers through TorchFi’s online and QR code food ordering platform. On premise customers can order at the table by scanning the QR codes. Operators can either deliver the food to the table or offer counter pickup service. Online customers can pre-order to pickup or get food delivered. Operators could provide their own delivery service or use our integration with DoorDash and UberEats for delivery fulfillment.

RV Resorts & Camping Grounds

If you have restaurants, convenience stores or neighborhood partner restaurants, you can offer your guests pickup and delivery service. Our ecommerce expands beyond food and beverages, where you can let them also order utilities & other staples for their camping needs from stores in the resort.

Golf Courses

Golfers or their caddies order refreshments & beverages to be delivered right at their respective location / holes with dedicated QR codes for each game location; or let them pre order online to pickup / eat at the outlet. They can also order tableside at the outlet before or after match. Our features also let them order non-food items such as golf accessories from your stores.

Bowling Alleys & Sport Arcades

Let your visitors order food from your restaurant or neighboring ones through our customized QR codes placards for each lane or game zone. You could either run the food to the guest or offer counter pickup as per your needs. Places that host their own restaurants and bars can also offer online ordering through their websites and social media pages.


Many breweries do not operate kitchens but partners with food trucks to offer food options to their patrons. A QR code ordering service allows the brewery to partner with multiple vendors and offer a unified ordering experience to their guests. You can also partner with restaurants in 5-mile range to get food delivered through our integration with DoorDash and UberEats.

Food Halls

Having few to many different Food & Beverage outlets can let customers order through QR codes kept at their individual tables and then pickup or get it served, thus being able to save / optimize on employee costs for their restaurants or the whole establishment. We also provide separate branded & customized menu for each outlet so customers could pick and choose to order from different vendors.


For best staff experience and operational efficiency, TorchFi integrates with point of sale, payment gateway, delivery service providers, loyalty programs, gift cards and other technology services. Orders through QR code ordering and online ordering are sent directly to the PoS.

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