Avoid Delays

Offer self ordering to your customers and deliver a rich experience while operating with low staff

No Expensive Kiosks

Avoid expensive kiosks and offer personalized experience to your customers as they order from their phones.

No Buzzing Tablets

TorchFi integrates with PoS directly and sends orders to kitchen printers without need of third party integration software.

No Monthly Fee

No setup fee or monthly subscription fee. We charge a small convenience fee to your customers.


For best staff experience and operational efficiency, TorchFi integrates with point of sale, payment gateway, delivery service providers, loyalty programs, gift cards and other technology services. Orders through QR code ordering and online ordering are sent directly to the PoS.

TorchFi’s app is available on the App Marketplace of these leading Point of Sale systems.

Free of charge

QR Code Menu
  • Advanced Menu Editor
  • Items with Pictures, Descriptions & Prices
  • Categories with descriptions
  • Weekly scheduling of categories
  • Show/ Hide items
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3% of net sale

Ordering Service
  • All features of free menu package
  • Your preferred payment processor
  • Automated text notifications to customers
  • Sales reports and data analytics
  • Table-side ordering
  • Ordering from Website, Google Maps & social media pages

5% of net sale

Delivery & PoS Integration
  • All features of online ordering package
  • Point of Sale Integration
  • Delivery service (DoorDash & Postmates)
  • Menu design and migration by our team
  • Unlimited Portals for marketing campaigns

Feature List

Branding & Design

Customize the ordering portal with your branding guidelines, images of the location, colors and fonts

  • Restaurant logo
  • Portal background
  • Menu colors
  • Button colors
  • Font selection
  • Text notifications

Portal Settings

Configure menus, operating hours, service fee, promo codes, etc for each portal.

  • Menu customization
  • Weekly schedule for menu items
  • Table-service with table number
  • Gratuity options
  • Accept orders before opening hours
  • Offer delivery
  • Charge online ordering service fee
  • Promo codes

Customer Engagement

Manage customer expectation and engage with customer through automated text messages

  • Peak hour prep-time
  • Order receipt text
  • Order ready text
  • Refund text
  • Delay notification text
  • Pause ordering portals
  • 86 Items in menu
  • Comprehensive menu editor


Integrate with your point of sale, loyalty program, etc for seamless order fulfillment and operations

  • PoS
  • Payment gateway
  • Apple pay
  • Google pay
  • Loyalty program
  • Menu managers
  • Delivery services
  • Google maps

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