Merchants who use Square's PoS system can use TorchFi's platform to accept order and get notification straight into the PoS, eliminating the need of any external tablets.

  • Accept online payment
  • Square gift card payments
  • Apple pay
  • Google pay
  • Loyalty program integration
  • Menu sync

Merchants who use Clover PoS can use the TorchFi Sync app on Clover App Market to sync the data between TorchFi and their PoS.

  • Migrate inventory to TorchFi
  • Real-time sync of menu items
  • Order data sent into Clover PoS

Install From Clover App Market

Merchants can accept delivery orders through TorchFi along with an integration with merchant's Postmates account for delivery fulfillment.

  • Configure delivery limits
  • Show quote to customer
  • Customer can pay partial or total of the delivery fee
  • Notify customer of delivery status

Restaurant chains can map their locations on Google Maps, and allow their customers to search for the closest location to order from.

  • Search for closest location
  • Search address for delivery
  • Delivery time estimate
  • Check delivery limit
  • Custom logo pointers on map
  • Store information on map

TorchFi is integrated with Stripe's payment gateway that allows merchants to accept payments using credit card, apple pay and google pay.

Breweries that use TorchFi's platform for digital menu and on-site ordering can use Untappd integration for real-time menu update.