Quantified Value

Food concierge has proven value for the hotel, the restaurants and most of all the guests.

For Hotels

The hotel property is able to deliver a unique experience to their guests and build their brand value. They also generate commission revenue while supporting local small businesses and chefs.

For Restaurants

Restaurants are able to accept orders directly and avoid the high commission charged by third party delivery services. They can either offer takeout or have their staff drop off the food at the hotel lobby.

For Guests

The curated recommendation from the hotel allows the guests to get a true local culinary experience and easily find cuisines that match their taste. Needless to mention the time they save on researching online.


Food Concierge Portal

A white labelled dedicated portal for the hotel along with access to dashboard.

  • Customisations
    • Portal images
    • Font
    • Colors
    • Guest engagement text message
  • Real-time notifications to hotel staff
  • Access to sales data


Partnership enabled by TorchFi is seamless for both the hotel and restaurant

  • TorchFi onboard restaurants
  • TorchFi operates and manages the service
  • Simple channel marketing agreement with hotel
  • Secured payment processing through TorchFi
  • Automated commission revenue payout by TorchFi