Rice-n-Beans is a highly rated Puerto Rican Restaurant. During the Covid pandemic in 2020, they had to switch to online ordering service and partnered with TorchFi. Their online ordering business has been growing month on month since the start of service and has a very large loyal customer base. TorchFi integrates with their point of sale system and also processes payment through their preferred payment service provider.

Rice-n-Beans accepts online orders through their website, Google maps page and facebook page. TorchFi has customized their ordering portal with their brand colors and logo. The integration with MicroSale offers below features

  • Maps all the menu items with PoS menu items
  • Price changes on PoS automatically updates on ordering portal
  • Order sent directly to the PoS and prints at the station printers
  • Order notification sent to a table app at takeout counter
  • Order ready text sent to the customers when order is marked ready on the tablet